Contingent workforce management

Hire in India - without your legal presence

When you want to start as small and hiring resources in India, It is not feasible to register a Legal entity, Maintain the Infrastructure and Comply with RBI, FDI regulations and Indian taxation and labour laws and employee statutory deductions and employer statutory filings.

Do you have a company registered outside of India and does not have any Indian entity/subsidiary and thinking of hiring an Indian national residing in India as an employee? No Worries, we are here to help you. We help in entire resource management from identifying, hiring and managing the resources.

How can we help you?

  • We will hire and manage your employee in India, on behalf of you

  • We Support in identifying the right candidate, per your requirement (IT/ITES or Any skillset)
  • Hire the right candidate under Jedhru payroll, for your Organization and provide Employee Benefits
  • Provide all necessary Infrastructure like Desk Space, Internet, PC/Laptop, Phone and other logistics needed to get the work done
  • We will monitor and ensure the deliverables meet the expectations
  • In Simple terms, we do everything in India for you(Employee hiring and Managing and etc) all for a COST-PLUS model

What Benefits you get?

  • Cost Saving by hiring candidate in India
  • No need to register company in India when you are small
  • No Need to maintain office infrastructure
  • No need to worry about Company/ employee Statutory filings
  • Its like having company Virtually, without having Legal presence in India
  • You are free from compliance, so you can focus on Delivery
  • Feasibility of transferring the resources, when you are ready to start legal entity in India
  • Cost-plus pricing model is a reasonable approach and works great for Small and Mid size companies. This model gives transparency on the actual cost of the resources, and gives benefit over Time and material or Fixed Cost model